Impian masih tak tercapai .

Assalamualaikum . Hi . hmm , bilee laa agaknya saya nak dapat kamera mpian saya :< Very sad wooh ! Hari tu kawan saya ade bawak pergi sekolah dia punye kamera Nikon L120 Coolpix . Wah ! kebetulan memang saya tengah impikan kamera tuh :'D hmm :< Bilerr ;'O Nak nangis ah ! cehh -,- haha !

1. A 21x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths from wide-angle 25mm through super-telephoto 525mm (35mm format equivalent)

Equipped with a 21x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, this camera supports shooting at a broad range of focal lengths from 25mm to 525mm (35mm format equivalent). It is practical for shooting of a wide variety of scenes, from everyday snapshots to dynamic landscape photos, and also supports macro photography with shooting as close as just 1 cm to the subject. The camera is also equipped with two image stabilisation functions — vibration reduction (VR) using an image sensor shift method and electronic VR — that make shooting at even the maximum telephoto zoom position more enjoyable by ensuring certain capture of blur-free photos.

2. 3-inch, approximately 921k-dot TFT LCD monitor with wide viewing angle for bright and clear display under sunny skies or bright indoor lighting

The camera is equipped with a 3-in., approximately 921k-dot, wide viewing angle TFT LCD monitor for which a Clear Color Display has been adopted. Monitor display is bright and clear, making shooting, viewing images and applying settings easy, even under sunny skies or in rooms where light is reflected in the monitor.

In addition, the expanded color reproduction range covers a broader range of colors for reproduction of almost the entire sRGB gamut.

3. Simple operation

Camera operation has been improved with the addition of a flash pop-up button that allows the user to raise the flash with the simple touch of a button, a large movie-record button that is easily manipulated, and a side zoom control positioned for comfortable use while recording movies. In addition, a new Pet Portrait scene mode has been added for automatic recognition and capture of dogs' and cats' faces.

4. Elegant design

The camera's high-quality design is both elegant and practical with simulated leather coating on the front surface and rubber coating on the grip for a more secure hold.

5. Recording of HD movies with stereo sound

The built-in HDMI connector enables display of HD movies recorded with the camera on a high-definition television by simply connecting the camera to the TV with a single cable. If the TV supports the CEC standard for HDMI, the TV's remote control can be used to control camera playback.

* See the documentation supplied with your television to confirm whether or not the TV is equipped with an HDMI connector, and whether or not it supports the CEC standard for HDMI.

6. Powered by efficient AA batteries for hours of photo and movie recording

The COOLPIX L120 is capable of capturing approximately 330 still images or roughly three hours and five minutes of HD movies using the supplied AA alkaline batteries. When using the camera away from home, support for these batteries that may be purchased anywhere enables worry-free shooting.

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