13 signs you're falling in love (:

13. You can't stay mad at him/her for morethan a minute or two. You actually have to try HARD to stay mad.
12. You'll read his/her IMS over andover again ..
11. You'll walk really REALLY slow while you're with him/her ..
10. You'llFEEL shy whenever you're with him/her ..
9 . While thinking about him/her .. your heartwill beat FASTER and faster ..
8 . By listening to hi/her voice .. you'll SMILE for no reason ..
7 . while LOOKING at him/her , you CAN'T see the other people around you .. you can onlysee that person ..
6. You'll start listening to SLOW songs ..
5. He/She becomes all you think about .
4. You'll get high just by their SMELL ..
3. You'll realize that you're always SMILING to yourself when you think of them ..
2.You'll do ANYTHING for him/her ..
1. While READING this ,there was ONE PERSON on your mind the WHOLE time .

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